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10 surprising facts about marriage nowadays in United States


Summers are the time when there are loads of weddings. You may be going to tie the knot very soon or maybe you are going to attend that of your relatives or friends. With so much happening in the United States today, relationships and marriage have been side tracked. If you check out facts regarding marriages in the United States, some will surprise you and some will shock you. Some are funny, some are weird and some unbelievable!

We have shortlisted 10 surprising facts about marriage nowadays in United States.

1. Less number of populations is tying the knot in America: In the early 1960s, 72 percent of the Americans entered the sacrament of matrimony, but today the rate has plunged down to 50 percent as of today. Can you believe that 50 percent of the Americans remain un-married?

2. An average American couple spends only four minutes alone per day: Isn’t this is concerning figure? Just four minutes out of the 24 hours in a day. This is mainly due to the lifestyle, jobs, kids, hobbies, television and Internet.

3. The cost of getting married is peaking up: The cost of getting married has shot up. Way back in 1996, the cost of having a wedding was around $15000. As per the 2014 Real Wedding survey conducted by Knots, an average wedding now costs around $31,000. And just imagine this is non-inclusive of the honeymoon package.

4. More than 75 percent of the couples who have love marriages end up being divorced eventually: This is a huge number keeping in mind that these couples were in love way before they tied the knot.

5. Same-sex marriages: You will be surprised to know that there are around 252,000 same-sex couples in the United States. The percentage rise for 2014 to 2015 has been 35 percent. Recently, the support for same-sex marriages is also on the rise.

6. The divorce rate is much higher when the couples marry at an age below 25: The current trend as seen is that when the couples marry at a very early age, the probability of their marriage ending up in a divorce is much higher.

7. Increase in divorce rate: In the United States, it has been found that 50 percent of the first marriages eventually result in a split, 67 percent of the second marriages tend to break and 74 percent of the third marriages result in a divorce.

8. Couples are taking more time dating before tying the knot: On an average, as per the current studies the couples prefer to date for just about less than three years before entering marriage.

9. Researchers at a New York University state that height has an impact on marriage: The research states that the rate of divorce among short men is much less as compared to tall men.

10. Married couples amass 4 times more the amount of assets as compared to an unmarried person

Marriages in the United States are definitely changing.

Up to this point were can conclude that the above are the top ten surprising facts about marriages in the united States nowadays.