Wedding traditions

Wedding traditions

A wedding is an important event that can bring people together for the rest of their lives. Over the years their have been many traditions that have developed which have been having the effect on those who have been getting married. These range from the strange, through to the absolutely weird. There are many weird and wonderful wedding traditions that take place within different cultures and in this article we will outline a selection of traditions that are interesting and unique. These traditions take place around the world and we will outline the locations of these traditions, as well as the processes that take place for these traditions to happen.



In the area of Tujia in China a bride will prepare in advance for the wedding 30 days before hand by crying for 1 hour of each day before the wedding takes place. They will then be joined by each other female member in the family every ten days until all the females are crying for 1 hour a day.



In a bizarre tradition in parts of Kenya, during a wedding, the brides head will be shaved and the fat of a lamb, as well as oil will be applied to the head. The father of the bride will then spit on her head and she will be prepared for the wedding in this way. Usually the act of spitting is seen as a disgrace but in this way it is seen as good luck. This is done due to a fear that the bride may turn to stone and if she is to complete this ritual successfully, she must not look back at her father as she walks away as soon as he has spit on her.

South Korea

south korea

In South Korea a ritual is carried out that involves tying up the groom by his feet before his feet are whipped. This sounds like a nasty and painful ritual but it is in fact done in a funny and playful way and is considered to be a fun experience for everyone involved. The groom is also asked questions about things in a quiz like way and must answer these questions correctly.

The ritual of carrying the bride is one that seems to date back to medieval times and is one that has become more popular than many other traditions that are out there. The reason for this ritual is due to the fact that individuals believed that there were evil spirits that could be walked on and this would then harm the bride. The result was that this situation should be avoided and this was done so by carrying the bride to safety.

This is a selection of some of the strangest and most interesting traditions that take place around the world. Some of these traditions have been around for hundreds of years but are still being used today. If you would like to find out more weird and wonderful wedding traditions, log onto the internet and search for wedding traditions to find a wide range of different traditions that are still carried out around the world.